Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Could Not Be Prouder Of Zaya - See The Video To See Her Dancing And Singing

Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Could Not Be Prouder Of Zaya - See The Video To See Her Dancing And Singing
Credit: BET

The Wade family was right there to support Zaya's performance. Both Gabrielle and Dwyane Wade were present, and you can see the joy in their eyes while they were watching Zaya.

'J.O.Y. ~ A Feeling Of Great Pleasure And Happiness! That’s What Watching Zaya Sing And Dance Last Night Felt Like For Our Family ❤️ 🖤' Dwyane captioned his video on social media.

A fan offered their support and said: 'I SALUTE you & your wife for being so loving to Zaya & accepting her for who she is & not pushing her away..I LOVE YALL..🥰🥰'

Someone else said: 'Seeing a black man accept his child for who they are and choose to be is so beautiful to me,' and another excited follower posted this: 'Very supportive loving environment, that’s all that matters 👏🏾'

A commenter wrote: 'My favorite part is her lifting up her hands and worshiping ❤️ I pray you guys always have your happiness.'

Another backer praised Dwyane and said this: 'You're an amazing father we should all learn what it is to be a great dad. They are some things in life money can’t buy #dad #Blessed.'

Not everyone was so supportive of this whole thing.

For instance, someone said: 'I just don't believe in allowing CHILDREN to make adult decisions. Let him enjoy his childhood and remain a child.'

Another naysayer said this: 'No. There isn't enough said. There needs to be more said. We need to have a dialogue why we need to be forced to think it's ok that your kid is sick and twisted, and it's because of his parents and his upbringing? No one wanna address to the real issues? You want your son to be girl fine, but why the hell I need to know about it. And if I have to know about you need to know how I feel. And I feel like it's mental illness being paraded as diversity and gender fluidity.'

What do you think about the situation in Dwyane's family?

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  • Joseph
    Joseph Mar 2, 2020 2:05 PM PST

    The Spirit of Homosexuality Manifesting in a little boy. Pray for his Soul.

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