Dwayne Wade Kicks Off His Rap Career With The Help Of Rick Ross

Dwayne Wade Kicks Off His Rap Career With The Help Of Rick Ross
Credit: Source: SportsOnEarth.com

Dwayne Wade is moving on from his career in athletics to music, a new report from Page Six revealed. Reportedly, with the help of Rick Ross, Dwayne will drop a brand new song called, "Season Ticket Holder," for a new ESPN documentary called, D. Wade: Life Unexpected.

The documentary hits the airwaves tonight. The outlet claims it was produced by Udonis Haslem and Raphael Saadiq. As it was previously reported, Wade retired from the NBA last season, and later signed a contract with the Hollywood agency, CAA, to create a new marketing firm.

During a chat with reporters from AdWeek, Dwayne claimed he "wanted to do everything," and if he could clone himself, he would genuinely try so he could accomplish everything he wanted in life. Fans of Dwayne know that he has been more visible in the industry than ever these days.

In fact, earlier this year, Wade publicly supported his son, who announced himself as transgender. Since then, Wade has supported his son, Zion, on his/her journey to becoming Zaya. The whole family has been supportive of Zion's transition.

Wade has always had Zion's back regardless of what the haters have had to say about it. Gabrielle Union also supported her decision.

It was revealed earlier this year that Zion would be changing her name to Zaya, and since then, the family, including Union and Wade, have been honest about the challenges they've faced.

The Shade Room picked up on what the family has been going through since Zion's transition was first revealed, stating that the learning process for the new challenge has been intense. Thus far, fans on social media haven't been quite as supportive.

One social media follower of the family derisively remarked that there was no point in having a "gender reveal party" anymore because you would have to wait and ask for the child to identify themselves. Moreover, other people online criticized Wade for asking for privacy, while openly discussing his personal life with others, particularly the mainstream media.

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