Due To Vocal Problems, Luke Combs Returns Show Tickets But Still Sings For Fans

Due To Vocal Problems, Luke Combs Returns Show Tickets But Still Sings For Fans
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Combs, 32, gave audience members a special message on stage before starting his performance at Maine Savings Amphitheater on Saturday. He said, "I must inform you aware that I have returned all of your tickets." I was aware that I would not be able to sing as well as I usually do as of 7 p.m. today, a few hours ago. A lot of supporters recorded the event on camera.

We're going to give the best free show we can, and I'd like you to understand how angry I am to have to inform you that tonight because my voice is not what I believe it should be for you guys to have to pay for it, he said.
But the only thing I would like you to know is that we're going to try our absolute hardest. In order to give fans everything I have, he concluded. I'm really, really sorry.

At a different gig this weekend, Combs offered $140 to young concertgoers who had to stack wood to pay for their tickets; one of them was a 12-year-old boy, and the lovely gesture was caught on camera.

The singer of When It Rains It Pours is accustomed to having emotional onstage experiences.
He met Addi Conely, who has acute myeloid leukemia, at a concert in July, allowing her to cross something off her bucket list.

Addi was the subject of his conversation, and he was intently listening to everything she said. The happiest night of our lives, stated Conely's mother on Facebook, "He provided so much love as we heard and sobbed with the stories they were exchanging."

She continued, "This instant made time stop." She was genuinely delighted and astounded by his generosity, as were the rest of us, to be honest. Conely had a once-in-a-lifetime event after Combs, and his staff learned about her health. Combs is a Grammy candidate.

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