Drake's Fans Freak Out Over His Blonde Son Adonis Looking Exactly Like His Grandma!

Drake's Fans Freak Out Over His Blonde Son Adonis Looking Exactly Like His Grandma!
Credit: Source: thesun.co.uk

Drake just took to social media to post the very first pics of his 2 year old son, Adonis! The debut was definitely a success with his followers, the rapper pretty much breaking the internet with his adorable offspring that surprised everyone with his unique features.

Soon enough, fans started to stress just how much the little bot looks like his grandma, Drake’s mother, Sandi.

Indeed, the resemblance is uncanny and no one can deny that! In fact, he looks way more like her than like either of his parents!

Adonis’ light skin and eyes and blond hair caught everyone’s attention and they could not help but point out the person that he’s inherited those features from!

Drake has kept his baby boy away from the press his whole life but it looks like, 2 years after welcoming him, he was finally ready to introduce him to the world and the response was huge!

The rapper posted a bunch of family pics that featured him as well as his son, the mother of his son, Sophie Brussaux, but also his own mom, Sandi Graham and dad Dennis Graham!

Instantly, fans noticed how different the boy looks from his parents but also just how much he resembles his grandma!

One fan tweeted that ‘I was confused at first on why Drake’s child don’t look him or Sophie but then I seen drake mom.’

Sure enough, in the post, one photo shows Drake’s parents looking super sweet together, Sandi’s big blonde hair very visible.

And who else has voluminous, blonde hair? Adonis! The link was not that hard to make!

Here are a couple of other reactions from people that tended to agree about that super interesting gene pool: ‘Drake’s son resembles his MOM so much.’ / ‘I think that is beautiful because Drake adores his mother so much. Best blessing ever.’

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