Drake New Target Of '#RIP' Trend On Social Media As Hashtag Goes Viral

Drake New Target Of '#RIP' Trend On Social Media As Hashtag Goes Viral
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It's not uncommon for social media users to engage in shady tactics when it comes to posting content. For instance, for many years already, many users have spread misinformation about the death of various celebrities.

In fact, Trippie Redd was already in the headlines today when fans of his were commenting on his Instagram Live. Previously, YK Osiris had to shut down his Instagram Livestream after fans began spamming his comment section with "#RIPUzi," despite the fact Lil' Uzi Vert never actually died.

Trippie Redd didn't think the joke was funny at all, however, so he quickly told all of them to get off of his Livestream. Another artist to be targeted by this misinformation campaign this week was the Toronto rapper, Drake .

This Saturday night, Hot New Hip Hop reported that Drake, who hails from Canada, was targeted by the hash-tag trend because fans started sharing it all over the place, insinuating the chart-topper had died.


While most people were skeptical at the news, many expressed worry whether Drake had actually been killed or not. Not long after the news media began reporting on the trend, a user by the name of @0rnis owned up to it and said it was just a joke between friends that blew up.

Even though it was just a joke between a handful of people online that exploded beyond anyone's expectations, a lot of users were worried, and with good reason. As most hip-hop fans already know, 2020 and 2019 have been a tough time for rap and hip-hop music.

For instance, earlier this year, it was revealed by a number of outlets that Pop Smoke, 20, had been killed. He was murdered inside of an Airbnb rental home hosted by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Teddi Mellencamp.


Additionally, Juice WRLD passed away near the ending of 2019 after succumbing to a drug overdose. The police had just finished conducting a search on the private plane he and his friends had ridden in on, which prompted Juice to take a pill to avoid being apprehended.

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