Dorit Kemsley And Hubby PK Still ‘A United Front’ Despite Their Troubles With The Law

Dorit Kemsley And Hubby PK Still ‘A United Front’ Despite Their Troubles With The Law
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As you may know, Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK have been having some problems with the law but as it turns out, that has not affected their marriage in a negative way at all! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pair faces a request to show up in court over a supposed loan that has not been paid, worth $1.2 million.

They are expected to appear before a Los Angeles judge on September 5 and if they fail to do so they can get arrested and ‘found in contempt of court,’ reports The Blast.

While this sort of situation could scare anymore, the two are supposedly keeping their calm and focusing on not letting it ruin their relationship.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Dorit and PK are living life as normal as possible even though they are having some legal woes right now. They have not altered their life or lifestyle one bit.’

Allegedly, someone by the name of Nicos Kirzis is asking for $1.2 million from Dorit’s husband as he supposedly never paid back a loan he got back in 2011.

About that, the insider claims ‘They’re telling friends they believe everything will get dropped and have done nothing wrong. No matter what, they're remaining a united front when dealing with everything. Their marriage's really, really strong.’

This is not the first time fans hear about the pair’s money troubles.

The problem was even brought into discussion during the June 25 episode of the show when Camille said PK owed someone ‘very, very close a lot of money!’

While she did not specify what she was talking about exactly, she made the accusation during a dinner party, making everyone uncomfortable.

But a far as Dorit is concerned, she apparently ‘couldn’t care less what Camille thinks.’


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