Dog The Bounty Hunter Not Planning To Remarry Even Though He Wants To Spend The Rest Of His Life With New GF Francie Frane - Here's Why!

Dog The Bounty Hunter Not Planning To Remarry Even Though He Wants To Spend The Rest Of His Life With New GF Francie Frane - Here's Why!
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It's been less than a year since wife, Beth Chapman, lost the fight with throat cancer but Duane Dog the Bounty Hunter has managed to already find someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. However, even though he and his new girlfriend Francie Frane seem to be getting along really well even while in quarantine together, it turns out that the reality TV star would rather not tie the knot with her.

One insider explained via HollywoodLife the reason why he has no intention of remarrying!

After such a tragic loss and being unhappy for many months, Dog has found love again with Francie and even his daughter approves of their relationship.

The insider dished that 'Dog is quarantining with Francie and they are getting along really well right now. Everybody in the family is on board with the relationship that's brewing. Right now, it is the honeymoon phase for them. But, saying that, they don't plan any engagements or marriage anytime soon. He promised Beth he'd never remarry, but he does plan to be with Francie forever — that is how good things are going.'

They went on to mention that it is really important for Duane that his loved ones all approve of his new relationship.

'Francie gives him a brand new lease on life and his family approving is the key to it all. So much stress has been lifted off Dog's shoulders because everyone is really receiving this new relationship well. Dog's been in such a better mood as of late, and he is also taking care of himself much better. Francie's looking out for him as well,' they dished via the same site.

Apparently, he wants to continue being healthy so he can live for a long time and enjoy his new girlfriend's company for as long as possible.

He doesn't have everything planned out for the future, however.

All Dog knows is that he loves her company and always wants her around.


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  • Bettie DeLuna
    Bettie DeLuna Apr 26, 2020 8:33 AM PDT

    Dog you made a promise to Beth on her death bed that you would not remarry. You made a promise look at your life you had a woman God gave you who loved you to the moon and back. You have a love or you say you do for God. Then how can you be lonely. You are making still the Bounty Hunter segment. So you have God and you still Beths great memories and you still have part of Beth in your children. Now is your time to wrap your love around God, the kids and all of Beth's memories. She may be a great lady but she is not Beth.

  • Anna Marie from Tennessee
    Anna Marie from Tennessee Apr 25, 2020 10:57 AM PDT

    I'm ashamed and hurt that DOG has basically been with at least two women already and Beth hasn't even been gone a year yet! Daune the term DOG has a whole new meaning for me now. You are a DOG! And I personally have lost all respect for him. Beth was beautiful inside and out and she deserved better from you DOG! I'm really a nice person but Im also honest and this is truly how I feel.

  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson Apr 25, 2020 8:45 AM PDT

    All I see when I see what he is doing is yep you guessed it HE is a DOG!!!!! Just like my step dick with another woman in 6 weeks!!! My mom wasn't even cold yet and he was getting remarried!!!!! Dog didn't love Beth the way they made it look and what he is doing now is proof of that. If he loved Beth at all, I mean REAL DEAL in the heart and butterflies in the gut love, NO ONE could replace her. He has been looking for his next lady since Beth got sick. Now she is gone and he can be what he truly in his heart is.....a dog a dirty, unloyal DOG!!!!!!!!

  • Judy VanKooten
    Judy VanKooten Apr 24, 2020 9:54 PM PDT

    I think Dog should just take one day at a time,instead of saying he is getting married, than next week he isn't. No one likes to be alone,he is still in a very sad grieving process,over Beth,he is honest about saying,he likes being with a woman,Beth understood that.Some men have to have a woman all the time,no woman is going to fill Beth's shoes,she was one of a kind,Francie,does seem very caring and good for him,there is no right or wrong way to grieve,Dog is doing and feeling what he has to feel,very strong pain,he can't get out of it,until he goes through it,and even than,he will always miss Beth,I miss her,and I didn't know her personally,I watched their shows,I read his books,I loved the way he loved her,I loved the way she loved him. I loved the way they laughed at each other,how they loved their kids,they were so damn real.If I could ever talk to him,I would let him know it's ok to do and feel whatever and whenever,every emotion,cry when you feel like it,laugh at the funny things Beth did to him, I took her death hard,for someone who never even met her,after years of watching the shows,I felt like I knew them, Prayer is all we can do now,prayer for God to give him the strength to get through it,acceptance is the hardest part,when someone is gone,I cried when she died,I hurt for Dog,and Bonnie,and the family,there's nothing more painful than death.Francie is good for him,she knows the pain ,unfortunately they were in the Public so the whole world is watching this beautiful family grieve. We can be there for him,and let him know we really care,and how sorry we are,but always smile at the cute little things Beth would do,and say to him,which always put a smile on Dogs face,Beth knew he loved her,with his big heart,and she knew the same. Love to their family.

  • nancy c Santora
    nancy c Santora Apr 24, 2020 9:02 PM PDT

    No Respect for Beth.he didn't waste anytime. Bs he wad lonely.I lost my husband 18 months ago

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