Diplo Insinuates He Hates The Fact That Nicolas Cage Was Cast As The Tiger King

Diplo Insinuates He Hates The Fact That Nicolas Cage Was Cast As The Tiger King
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Diplo was really disappointed when he found out that Nicolas Cage got the role of the Tiger King star, Joe Exotic, rather than himself, but not due to Cage's acting chops. Fans of Diplo know there are some similarities between the two.

For instance, they're both charismatic, determined, blondes who love music deeply, thus, it only makes sense that the world-famous DJ and music producer would be the one to take on the role. You can check out what Diplo had to say below:

With that said, this doesn't mean that the producer won't be on the big screen anytime soon.

Diplo currently has a role in The High Note , a new movie starring Tracee Ellis. Other stars to appear in the film includes Dakota Johnson, Kelvin Harrison Junior, Ice Cube, and Ross. His movie career aside, Diplo is known for really letting the world know how he feels.

Last year in the summertime, Todd Malm picked up on an E! Online report in which it was claimed that Diplo and Joe Jonas were play-beefing . In case you missed it, Diplo showed off the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Las Vegas wedding on his IG account.

It wasn't long after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards that the two got married in a Sin City ceremony. The wedding was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator. During an appearence on Capital Breakfast , Joe said that Diplo did "ruin it."

He went on to say that he loved Diplo, but he loves Instagram more than a teenager. During a conversation with Net-A-Porter, Turner explained that she and Nick thought the ordeal was pretty funny, even though they were disappointed when the whole world found out about it.

Later, Diplo appeared on Ryan Seacrest's show and said he didn't even think the wedding was that serious. He claims he didn't know what was going on either. As it was previously reported, media outlets claimed Joe and Sophie were upset with the DJ for posting images of the wedding on his Instagram.

However, it looks like there never really was beef in the first place. It was just a simple mistake.

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