Dina Manzo Hints She And David Cantin Secretly Tied The Knot 5 Months After Getting Engaged

Dina Manzo Hints She And David Cantin Secretly Tied The Knot 5 Months After Getting Engaged
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Fans are wondering whether or not Dina Manzo is already married, five months after being proposed to by her significant other David Cantin! The RHONJ star majorly hinted at it in a new social media post, and now, people are freaking out!

It all started when she changed her last name on Facebook from Manzo to Cantin – a huge clue that she had already secretly said ‘I do.’

Furthermore, the woman also got a bit cheeky about the whole thing on her Instagram account.

One fan directly asked her: ‘Are you married? I saw you refer to your husband?’

In response to the curious follower, she wrote ‘maybe’ and added a smiling emoji!

Since she did not deny it, it is safe to say she was just being coy about her wedding that most likely has already taken place!

As you know, Dina is no longer part of the reality TV show since she left after Season 6.

As for her engagement to David, Dina shared the big news back in August while on Sirius XM’s show, Jeff Lewis Live.

That is also when she mentioned that she wanted to have a small, intimate wedding as opposed to a lavish, public one.

What was interesting during the interview was that the host complimented the pair of their ‘really nice rings’ which means that the man was wearing one as well!

While it’s not a hundred percent that they are already married, one thing is certain – the two are super happy together.

For instance, they celebrated New Year’s Eve in the most romantic way, proving their relationship is goals.

They posted a pic of them smiling brightly on a tropical getaway, and the caption was really sweet!

‘✨Goodbye 2018. ✨ Finishing it off with this guy by my side but missing my @bohochicken. [I am] Looking forward to an amazing year filled with good health, prosperity, PLENTY of Love and an abundance of all that's beautiful. ❤️ ~ Wishing you all the same!! God bless 🙏’ Dina wrote. Aww….


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