Diddy Shows His Gratitude To The Health Care Workers Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

Diddy Shows His Gratitude To The Health Care Workers Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic
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Diddy recently told people that it's important to be grateful for what they have each and every day. His followers appreciated the message that he shared on his social media account.

While we're freaking out at home and fear and panic seem to be ruling the world these days amidst the coronavirus outbreak all over the globe, the healthcare workers are out there fighting the virus and taking care of sick people.

Diddy knows how important these people are for humanity and how much they are risking their lives these days for the rest of us. He just showed them his gratitude on social media with the post below.

Somoene said: 'No bull right here...Big praises to these folks at all times and especially during these times 🙏🏾'

A commenter posted this: '@diddy you’re amazing to post this!!!!' and someone else said: 'Amen! Finally, someone is acknowledging how bad it is for us. #cardiaccriticalcare.'

One commenter wrote: 'Yes, for sure my sister and right now she is working double shifts!!! She is so sweet, she wants everyone to be ok!!!!'

These people are on the front line these days, and they do deserve all the prayers they can get.

One other commenter said: 'thanks to all the people who are on the front line dealing with this virus to keep my family and friends safe. May the good Lord protect them from all harm. Pray for the full elimination of this deadly virus.

A doctor said: 'Literally putting ourselves at risk when we have kids at home ourselves 🙏🏾 , but this too shall pass. ❤️ Everyone stay safe!'

Someone else posted this: 'Yes! Thank you! 🤝 We really appreciate your effort and sacrifice! ❤️'

One follower posted: 'Thank you for acknowledging us and for our hard work,' and another Instagrammer said: 'You know in the movie Titanic how the ship was sinking, but the band kept playing … that's how we health care workers feel right now!'

Another doctor said: 'You're welcome! Thank you for the recognition❤️ @diddy.'

We should all be grateful to the pharmacists and doctors for putting themselves out there for us.

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