Erica Mena Supports Husband Safaree's New Music And Cannot Stop Listening To 'Parasites' During The Virus Outbreak

Erica Mena Supports Husband Safaree's New Music And Cannot Stop Listening To 'Parasites' During The Virus Outbreak
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Erica Mena and hubby Safaree are pretty unbothered by the coronavirus pandemic, and the world had to deal with these days. Safaree believes in various conspiracy theories, and Erica is confident that there are all kinds of other worldwide issues more tragic than this.

On the other hand, looking at what's been happening all over the world, there's definitely an enormous problem that is currently hitting every nation, and it's not something to ignore.

Anyway, here's Erica's supportive message for her hubby.

A lot of haters hopped in the comments to criticize Safaree's music and Erica's support.

Someone said: 'Sad how some ppl come on here to make fun of her supporting her own husband! Y’all so sad. Keep going up Safaree!'

One commenter wrote: 'No thank you, but you can show us the baby tho 🤗' and another fan said: 'Girl tell him to get into acting or something.'

Someone else posted this: 'Yes that’s a no for me dawg....respectfully.'

A follower posted: 'Looking at some of these comments are crazy.. some ppl are really miserable but I support you and your husband and his music is GREAT PERIOD.. fu*k what these haters gotta say 🔥❤️'

Another follower posted the following message: 'Just cuz you support ya man I’m a go and listen.'

Recently, Safaree shared a post on his social media account of choice, Twitter in which he joked about the virus issue, and a lot of fans are criticizing him for not taking things more seriously.

One other follower also criticized Safaree and said: 'it's a stupid comment. there are victims, my Italy is blocked due to the coronavirus, the companies are having big economic problems, the nurses and doctors have no breaks and they are working uninterruptedly for us, we can't even go out. have some respect, thanks.'

A lot of people bashed Safaree for this ignorant comment.

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