Diddy Shows Fans A Must Watch Live For People All Over The World

Diddy Shows Fans A Must Watch Live For People All Over The World
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Diddy posted an important message the other day for his fans and followers on social media. Check out what he wrote below.

'This is a MUST WATCH live event for everyone around the world!!!!! The uncomfortable truth we all need to hear. Today at 11am EST on YouTube.com/REVOLTTV,' Diddy captioned his post.

Someone said: 'You do know he’s Scientology’s mouthpiece now right?'

Another follower responded with: 'that is a lie!!! He has never been the mouthpiece for Scientology!!! Watch the lecture All is Vanity by the minister and he explains his position.'

One commenter wrote: 'We’re supposed to be celebrating Independence Day but yet we’re still fighting for our freedom.'

Someone else believes that 'There’s no independence in this country let’s keep making Juneteenth our national ✊🏾Independence Day for our culture; 4th of July thanks We’ll be watching the Minister his speeches are like fireworks.'

A follower said: 'I’ve been waiting on the minister's wise words. Thank god,' and someone else posted this message: 'Thank you for bringing him on your platform! Somebody had to do it!'

A commenter posted: '@diddy I can’t lie I was just saying how social media banned one of the most powerful voices of unity off of their platforms n why the black platforms tv, media, etc isn’t slapping these haters in their face by giving Minister Farrakhan a public platform to be heard n boom here u go!! Thank U!!!!! 🙌🏾 #AllWeHaveIsUs.'

Somoene else said: '@diddy We Appreciate you, your definitely a front runner, a true trendsetter’

Not too long ago, Diddy  shared a post on his social media account in which he is addressing the foundation of any revolution.

You should check out the message that he shared on his social media account.

In other news,  Diddy showed enormous support  on his social media for Sybrina Fulton.

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