Diddy, Lori Harvey, And Justin Combs Are Spotted At A Strip Club Together

Diddy, Lori Harvey, And Justin Combs Are Spotted At A Strip Club Together
Credit: BET

Lori Harvey, her alleged ex, Justin Combs and his dad, Diddy have been all spotted at the strip club together. The Shade Room presents the video.

People obviously started assuming all kinds of things following this video.

Someone said: 'Diddy ain’t even loyal to his own son😂'

A follower posted: 'I’m starting to think she never dealt with Justin in that way... cause I REFUSE to believe she could really get down like that😩'

Someone else wrote: 'This Diddy and Lori Harvey situationship makes me feel soo uncomfortable for some reason 🤔'

Another commenter assumed this: 'I’m starting to think diddy and lori been had a thing and his son was a cover-up 🤷🏾‍♂️'

A fan shared: 'We need a new word for awkward because this is beyond that 😩😩'

One other Instagrammer wrote this: 'Plot twist: she never dated Justin. It was a cover-up for her fu*king diddy for YEARS on the low ‼'

Someone else wrote: 'This reminds of the scene from color purple when mista and sug current husband drunk painting eggs talking bout... U done had her yo way... I done had her mine... But we both done had her.... And sug in the background proud as hell laughing at those ninjas 😂😂'

A person said: 'Lmao let that girl get her money in peace hell she dealing with a boss she only 21 😍'

In other news, some rumors have come to the surface indicating that Lori Harvey might be pregnant but attempting to hide it from her fans at the same time.


This came to light after recent reports indicated that Diddy was spotted rubbing Harvey’s belly while they were on vacation in Mexico.

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