50 Cent's Baby Mama, Daphne Joy, Shares Perfect Family Photos With Their Son, Sire; What Does The Rapper's GF, Cuban Link, Think Of This?

50 Cent's Baby Mama, Daphne Joy, Shares Perfect Family Photos With Their Son, Sire; What Does The Rapper's GF, Cuban Link, Think Of This?
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Rapper 50 Cent is busy playing family with his baby mama, Daphne Joy, and many are wondering, how does his current girlfriend, Cuban Link, feel about the matter?

Last week, the Power actor took to social media where he posted a few photos as he celebrated his son, Sire’s 7th birthday with the lingerie and swimsuit model.

Over the weekend, Daphne posted a perfect family portrait with 50 and little Sire. Many took to social media and reminded 50 Cent about his other son, Marquise Jackson.

One person replied: "I love the co-parenting ❤️❤️ Sire is a lucky little guy.
All of you keep asking about another child and his older one is no longer that, he is a grown man who has formed his own opinion and feelings about his father based on his mother🙄 he is not reliable to mend anything at this point that grown man has to want a real relationship with his father just as much as fifty."

Another social media user had this to say: "I’m sorry, but It’s always going to be something negative to say when a man decides which of his kids he wants to be there for! 🤷🏽‍♀️I think it's time for you guys to give him a little sister. So cute 😍😍😍 with his lil missing teeth."

This follower took to Instagram to reveal: "OMG, what a fantastic family and beautiful mom. Regardless if you guys are “famous,” you guys are the cutest family, and you seem so sweet, Daphne. Wish you guys the best! He already said it wasn’t his son. The boy said 50 was his idol, so he takes him out."

A fourth comment read: "It’s nothing wrong with having a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with the mother of your KID(S) for the SAKE of the KID(S)🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ that’s why some of y’aall of youTHERS NEVER CAME BACK FROM THE STORE🙄It’s a shame he ain’t hugged up with his dark-skinned son who looks just him smh. Why do I have the feeling like she is doing this on purpose? Knowing 50 got a whole gf. 🙄"

This individual shared this point of view: "Wow, Not surprised why he’s so disrespectful towards black women🙄Isn’t he dating someone? too friendly 🤢. Why do men think its okay just to get up and leave they whole first child, just to have a 2nd child and act like they the 1st? 😪 women, please do better!"

A 50 defender did chime in with: "The other son " comments are getting old. Yall think yall know a person situation do to what the internet tells you or what you read" 50 had explained plenty of times when tall didn't care what happened with him and his son. Maybe you should use Google and then you will realize you would have did the same thing! You can't force any relationship. FYI 50 DID NOT DISOWN HIS SON. HIS SON DIDNT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM! PERIOD!"

50 Cent is a different person when he is surrounded by those two.

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