Diddy Has Been Sharing Quality Advice With Son Quincy Brown -- The 'Star' Actor Was Shaped By Some Of His Tips

Diddy Has Been Sharing Quality Advice With Son Quincy Brown --  The 'Star' Actor Was Shaped By Some Of His Tips
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Diddy's son, Quincy Brown, has been quite open about his relationship with his father and the positive influence the rapper and media mogul has had on the young man.

The son of late-model Kim Porter has recently taken the opportunity to talk about some of the lessons he has received from his father, sharing some bits of wisdom that he considers particularly necessary.

Quincy seemed to joke around the subject to some extent, though, because, according to him, one of the best tips his father has given him was, "you better know how to dance," because he wanted his "rhythm straight."

According to Page Six , he said: "Some good advice my dad gave me... you better know how to dance. I think that kind of sat with me for a long time."

The Brotherly Love and Star actor went on to reveal: "If we groovin and we at the house and maybe some tunes are on and we dancin' but we ain't really in the right groove he'll come check us [and say] 'Nah nah nah that's not what this music makes you feel. Take a deep breath, how does this music make you feel?'"

However, some of the rapper's fans have taken this as something with a deeper meaning than just the obvious interpretation.

It is no secret that Diddy has gone through some difficult moments in his life, and it is possible that he is trying to tell his son that he needs to stay flexible in every aspect of his life.

Still, that was not the explanation Quincy followed up with. He stated that these words have stuck with him, and ever since then, hearing a tune playing at home has prompted him to jump up and start dancing around.

And Diddy was apparently paying attention too, as he was always quick to correct his son when he was straying away from the rhythm.

At this point, it is clear that Quincy is growing up to be quite close to his father in terms of attitude and behavior, and it will be interesting to see what will come out from him in the next years once he starts to open up even more.

Diddy is often listed as a good example when it comes to celebrity fathers.

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