Diddy Advises Fans To Lean 'Into The Good Stuff That Remains' Amidst The Global Crisis

Diddy Advises Fans To Lean 'Into The Good Stuff That Remains' Amidst The Global Crisis
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Amidst the coronavirus outbreak that has been proclaimed a pandemic by the WHO a few days ago, Diddy has an uplifting message for his fans and social media followers. Check out his message below.

A lot of people appreciated the fact that he is telling fans to look at the bright side of life during this difficult time.

Someone said: 'Amen! God doesn’t cancel anything! He just prolongs time so that we can get our stuff together 👼🏽♥️ Thank You, Lord for protecting us all these years from not just viruses we cannot see, but from the enemy, who is also invisible, but REAL ♥️ Lord, keep all of our friends, family, and supporters safe from this virus, and while we are in our homes, may we spend more time nurturing our Spirits in Your Presence and marinating our Souls & Minds in Your Word so that we can withstand AGAINST the enemy of this world until You come to take us away! In Jesus’ name. Amen!'

A follower posted this: 'God is not canceled. Ambition/hustling is not canceled. Minding your cotton-picking business is not canceled...'

One other commenter wrote: 'Yes, amen!!!🙏🏼 Spread Positive vibes, positive words, positive actions.'

Someone else said: 'That was wonderful, insightful, excellent, and giving us the hope and love that is seriously needed right now. Something to think about other than despair.👊🏾'

A commenter posted this: 'Speaking of reading not being canceled Idol, I texted you about these Black Author Inspired bookmarks that I created. Did you see it? We are going to need it while we are in this slowdown #read.'

Not too long ago, Diddy also talked about happiness and told his fans what they could do in order to be happy.

You should definitely check out that motivational message as well because it managed to impress a lot of fans.

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