Denise Richards Denies The Reports That She's Too Busy With Acting To Be On RHOBH Full-Time!

Denise Richards Denies The Reports That She's Too Busy With Acting To Be On RHOBH Full-Time!
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There is no secret that Denise Richards is one busy woman! After all, she appears on The Bold and the Beautiful and a few other projects as well so there have been reports that her schedule is so packed that she will be featured on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills much less than usual!

However, the star herself slammed those claims, making it very clear that she won’t film any less just because she’s involved in other projects.

While in attendance at The Los Angeles Mission Legacy of Vision Gala, Denise chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet that ‘Housewives is a reality show, so they film reality, and whatever you’re working on, they’ll film that. I think that the Housewives film the jobs, and family life and other things we have going on in our life, otherwise it wouldn’t be a reality show.’

This comes after multiple reports that Denise would be filming a lot less for RHOBH as a result of her busy schedule also playing Shauna Fulton on The Bold and the Beautiful.

After all, sources had explained that it’s a soap opera which means that she’d have to film a lot and very often for it!

Not to mention that the shooting schedule is never really pre-determined so Denise would have to be ready to show up and do her job at all times.

When would she also find time for the Real Housewives?

And on top of that, she also has roles on The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders as well as on FraXtur!

But as mentioned before, Denise was not sure where the insider had heard about her being ‘MIA’ from RHOBH!

‘You’re going to have to watch, and wait, and see,’ the celeb teased instead.


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