Denise Richards Caught Not Wearing Wedding Ring Amid Brandi Glanville Affair Reports

Denise Richards Caught Not Wearing Wedding Ring Amid Brandi Glanville Affair Reports
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Amid reports that she had an affair with co-star Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards was spotted without her wedding ring on! As you can imagine, that caused a lot of rumors but it turns out that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation that is not her and hubby Aaron Phypers splitting!

Lately, Denise has been in the center of attention because of the rumors surrounding her and Brandi so it makes sense that people did not miss her ring-less status!

At the time she was caught with no ring on that finger, she was attending an event at Hotel VP Plaza España Design in Madrid, Spain.

The reason why this detail got so much attention was that there has been a story claiming Denise and Brandi hooked up for months starting with the beginning of last year and that Denise and her husband have an open marriage.

However, one insider dished via HollywoodLife that: ‘Denise and Aaron are really happy and their marriage is great. Like anyone else, when she films, she does not wear her ring or wears it on the other hand when she is traveling because her hand gets swollen.’

They went on to explain that ‘She actually was wearing it on the other hand that day, too. She is finding these rumors of her marriage being in trouble laughable. Aaron is a wonderful husband and father figure to her girls and she has never been in a healthier relationship.’

The reality TV star and soap opera actress usually gushes over her husband every chance she gets.

She has actually praised him for both his roles as a husband as well as a stepdad to Denise’s three daughters, Lola, Sam and Eloise.

Denise and Aaron tied the knot back in September of 2018 and seem to be just as happy today.

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