Demi Lovato Follows Noah Centineo And Social Media Is Freaking Out!

Demi Lovato Follows Noah Centineo And Social Media Is Freaking Out!
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Demi Lovato now follows Noah Centineo on Instagram and as soon as fans noticed this, everyone freaked out! People are wondering why the singer decided to follow the actor on the photo-sharing app and some are theorizing that there might be some romance between them!

It may be the wishful thinking of the shippers but their fans have been assuming Demi is interested in the heartthrob.

One tweet reads: ‘Demi probably stalking Noah’s IG rn.’

Someone else agreed, replying: ‘Yeeees.’

At the same time, another user argued that maybe Demi followed Noah just because they go to the same gym.

But that would make it even more possible that they have met and like each other, right?

There were also some people who were not too happy about the two possibly becoming an item so another fan tried to make them calm down by arguing that ‘Guys he’s 22. He’s way too young for her.’

First of all, he turns 23 in just a few days and besides, their four year age gap is really not a big deal at all!

Another fan even told Demi: ‘Gurl unfollow him.’

It’s interesting that there are so many different reactions to the flowing news while people still try to figure out why she did it.

Who knows? Maybe she just likes his movies, or they’ve met and becoming friends, or even dating.

Or perhaps she’s got a crush and trying to get his attention this way.

Either way, that remains to be seen! What is also interesting at this time is the fact that Demi joined in her ex Wilmer Valderrama’s Instagram Live, not too long ago.

Maybe there’s something there? The two put an end to their romance back in 2016 after a six years long relationship but they have remained pretty friendly.

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