‘Silver Spoons’ Child Star Ricky Schroder Arrested For Domestic Violence

‘Silver Spoons’ Child Star Ricky Schroder Arrested For Domestic Violence
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Silver Spoons child star Ricky Schroder, or rather Rick Schroder as he likes to be called these days, has been arrested for domestic violence.

USA Today is reporting the actor was arrested early Wednesday morning on suspicion of domestic violence. It was the second time Schroder was arrested on the same charge in less than a month. He was previously taken into custody on April 2nd.

Deputy Juanita Navarro, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, shared with USA Today the police got a call regarding a domestic violence altercation shortly after midnight.

"When deputies arrived, they made contact with the suspect identified as Richard Schroder and the victim. They identified evidence of a physical altercation. The female adult victim declined medical treatment," Deputy Navarro stated.

She went on to explain the 49-year-old was arrested and is "being held in lieu of 50,000 bail." The female victim involved in the altercation with Schroder did decline to seek medical attention, even though it was advised by law enforcement.

While telling accounts of the incident to USA Today , Deputy Navarro talked about a similar altercation that happened at the beginning of April.

"A similar incident occurred between the suspect and the victim on April 2, 2019, at approximately 12:26 in the morning, where suspect Schroder was released on bond," she said.

His blonde hair, blue eyes, and adorable smile made Schroder an in-demand child actor back in the 1980s. He was on a hit television show and made a slew of movies, like The Champ with Jon Voight.

Then Schroder got older and took a break from Hollywood. The actor shocked fans when he returned to the business in hopes of a comeback, on the ABC hit show NYPD Blue in the late 1990s.

Ricky Schroder has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. The police found evidence of a physical altercation between the actor and an unnamed female when they arrived on the scene.

There are reports the woman is his girlfriend, but that has not been confirmed since a rep for Schroder has not responded to his arrest. A court date for him to face the charges against him has not been made public yet.

The former child star was married to his ex-wife, Andrea Schroder, for 24 years. She filed for divorce in 2016 citing irreconcilable differences. He has remained quiet regarding his private life since the divorce, as he continues to live a life outside of the Hollywood spotlight.


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