David Foster Won't Reveal Why He Divorced His 4th Wife Yolanda Hadid

David Foster Won't Reveal Why He Divorced His 4th Wife Yolanda Hadid
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David Foster will never tell why he and Yolanda Hadid, his fourth wife, got divorced. Page Six picked up on comments from the music producer today in which he said that while he wouldn't say what led to their separation, it wasn't her sickness.

As fans of his know, Foster and Hadid broke up back in 2015 amid her battle with Lyme disease. At the time, fans and followers were very unhappy with his decision to leave her at what fans thought was a vulnerable time for her.

In a new documentary, David Foster: Off The Record , the producer claimed her sickness was not the reason why he left her. He stated it was for a different reason that he will "never disclose and had nothing to do with her being sick."

As it was previously reported, Foster and Hadid were married for four years and they dated for 9 before they finally called it off in 2015. Reportedly, his time working on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is not something he looks back on positively.

According to Foster, his wife wanted to do the series but he didn't want to. However, he argued it was important for him not to "be the guy that says no."

Foster joked that many people recognize him from the reality series, despite the fact he has 16 Grammy Awards and has worked on many, many records. These days, the 70-year-old is dating a 36-year-old American Idol alum, Katharine McPhee.

They celebrated their first wedding anniversary this past week, despite the criticism from fans regarding their age gap. McPhee, in the Netflix documentary, admitted that his unwillingness to show his emotions was something that bothered her.

Foster admits he can be somewhat of an "a**hole" at times, however, he's not exactly cold-blooded either.


McPhee says whenever she wants Foster to change part of his behavior, he tells her in response, "maybe you should leave then." McPhee then changes her tune, because in the end, she understands how he expresses himself through his music.

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