KUWK: Kylie Jenner Gets New Tattoo In Honor Of Her Daughter Stormi!

KUWK: Kylie Jenner Gets New Tattoo In Honor Of Her Daughter Stormi!
Credit: Source: insider.com

Kylie Jenner loves no one and nothing more than her adorable daughter Stormi and she needed to show it by getting a new tattoo in her honor! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to her IG Stories to share a new video that showed her fans a glimpse at the sweet ink job.

While the makeup mogul is quite busy with her businesses, reality TV job and influencer job, at the end of the day, her whole world still manages to totally revolve around her 2 year old.

Despite having her at a pretty young age, Kylie has proven time and time again that she is actually a great mother and loves being one as well!

But just in case her busy lifestyle will once again keep her away from her child more than she’d like when the pandemic ends, she now has the tattoo to always remind the Jenner of her bundle of joy.

Fans were able to see the new tattoo on her forearm in a video that she posted, showing the star hanging out with makeup artist, Ariel Tejada.

It did not seem like her intention was to debut the ink art by sharing the clip but it happened anyway, fans noticing it right away!

That being said, they noticed the tattoo reads ‘4:43’ which is the time she gave birth to her daughter 2 years ago, on February 1.

The time of birth was previously confirmed by HollywoodLife, the site obtaining a copy of Stormi’s birth certificate in which 4:43 in the afternoon was mentioned as the time she was born.

The tattoo is definitely a simple and classy way for the proud mother to honor the exact moment her child entered the world and her life.

This comes after Kylie also gushed over Stormi, stressing that she ‘won’ at life when she had her.


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