David Adefeso Says He Wants To Make Sure No Child Has To Watch Their Dreams Killed

David Adefeso Says He Wants To Make Sure No Child Has To Watch Their Dreams Killed
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David Adefeso wants to make sure that no child had to see their dreams killed and hopes dimmed. Check out the message he shared on social media that managed to impress his fans.

'David Adefeso on The App Show It has become my mission to ensure no child ever again has to have their hopes dimmed or their dreams killed because of the baggage of student debt. ⁣This also goes for those of us who are currently carrying mounds of student debt because no one ever told us how much it would hold us back in life,' David began his post.

He continued and said: 'I know what student debt does to you: I graduated Harvard with over 100K in student loans. ⁣So I created @sootchyapp, a powerful, AI-driven platform that uses the power of friends and family to turn wasteful birthday and holiday gifts (depreciating assets) into a college investment fund (an appreciating asset) and in so doing, helps give the best gift money can buy: An Education.⁣ So, whether you have young kids who need money for high school, college or trade school, or you are currently carrying student debt, we can help.'

Someone said: 'My only complaint about Sootchy and what you’re doing is it wasn’t around 20 years ago! 😂 The future generations are lucky!'

A follower posted this: 'It’s a brilliant move I wish it was around a few years ago,' and one other follower said: 'Explained so eloquently. Thanks David! Looking forward to the app launch.'

Someone else brought up Tamar Braxton and said this: 'shame on you and for the way you spoke about Goli in this recent episode AND the way that you are a pain in the ass for @tamarbraxton.'

In other recent news, David Adefeso ‘s reputation as the good guy is being more tarnished by the minute.

The businessman has allegedly been exposed for cheating on  Tamar Braxton  with another woman.

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