David Adefeso Addresses The Injustices In Nigeria - See His Powerful Message

David Adefeso Addresses The Injustices In Nigeria - See His Powerful Message
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David Adefeso has been involved in a massive scandal with Tamar Braxton and her family, but this did not keep him from trying to raise awareness about the sad situation in Nigeria. Check out his video.

'No matter where we live or where we call home, we as a people are in a continuous struggle for equal justice, human rights, freedom from police harassment and brutality, freedom from corrupt leaders, and equal opportunities to pursue our dreams and goals. But if our leaders keep failing us, we are forced to take it to the streets peacefully. And the ballot boxes! 🇳🇬 #EndSars #TheWorldIsWatching #BlackLivesMatter #Nigeria #Sars #StopPoliceBrutality #BLM #WeWillNotBeSilent #NoJusticeNoPeace #PoliceBrutality #StopPoliceViolence,' David captioned his post.

Someone showed their gratitude to him and said: 'Thank you for coming out so strongly against the injustices that are being perpetrated by the government of Nigeria against its own people✊🏾✊🏾. We need more voices like yours speaking up for us. No more killing of our young men under the color of authority. More food, power and jobs are what’s needed so badly.🙏🏽'

Another follower said: 'David, continue to speak Your mind and heart. Successful people do not focus on the noise. Truth cannot be covered.'

One other commenter said: 'Thank you for your inspiring words Big Bro. I salute you. Respect.'

A follower posted this message: 'Well-spoken Sir. Unfortunately, we still end up voting for the wrong leaders. We are only going to be victorious in our plight if we stop recycling corrupt leaders and vote for a credible candidate to lead us. We should expect a revolution in the next election, not now, only if we learn from our mistakes in the past elections.'

Someone else said: 'We salute our youth, and we stand with them until we see the change in our beautiful country, Nigeria 🇳🇬.'

A commenter posted this: 'Thank you for adding your voice to our Uncle Yemi. The next 30years will be different. I am that confident. The Politicians are scared now. They never thought this day would come.'

In other news, following the breakup between  David Adefeso  and  Tamar Braxton , everything went downhill for him and Tamar’s family as well.

The other day, it was revealed that  Toni Braxton  blasted him like there’s no tomorrow.

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