David Adefeso Addresses The Environmental Crisis - Check Out What He Has To Say

David Adefeso Addresses The Environmental Crisis - Check Out What He Has To Say
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David Adefeso intrigued his fans and followers with a message about the environmental crisis. Check out what he had to say in the post that he recently shared on his social media account.

'Using The Power of the Sun to Solve Our Energy & Environmental Crisis This nascent #technology of harnessing #electricity directly from #space could create a leap forward in human #efficiency by doing for the power and #energy industry what #wireless technology did for the #communications industry two decades ago. And in the process, help lift hundreds of millions of people in poorer nations out of poverty,' Tamar Braxton 's ex began.

He also said: 'When we eventually get launch costs down enough, this new technique for extracting and harnessing #power—could permanently solve the world’s energy problems from Texas to Lagos and beyond.'

He continued and said that 'Due to guaranteed #access to cheap and unlimited power supplies provided by these panels, poorer nations could develop their economies faster, which could, in turn, raise the standard and quality of life for hundreds of millions of people,' David wrote on social media.

' Just as important is that we could significantly reduce or even eliminate our need for fossil fuel, thus helping to preserve this precious environment of ours that we have not been too kind to lately. Now, just so we’re clear, our brave scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, have proven that the technology works. So, it seems it’s only a matter of time and cost management before we achieve that once impossible dream of “World Energy Independence.“ cc: thisisbillgates @algore @potus' David captioned his post.

Check out the video that he shared as well.

David Adefeso  is talking about the chains that are holding us back in life. Check out his message.


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