Damon Dash Forced To Pay $300,000 Over Mafia Film Lawsuit

Damon Dash Forced To Pay $300,000 Over Mafia Film Lawsuit
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TMZ reported earlier today that Damon Dash's wallet just got a bit lighter. The outlet confirmed he was ordered to pay $300,000 over a lawsuit regarding a mafia movie. The producer was ordered to pay Edwyna Brooks the aforementioned sum of money after he lost in a court of law.

This past year, Edwyna filed a lawsuit against Dash after their 2015 deal went wrong. Damon was gearing up to direct a mafia boss movie "Mafietta," which is based on the aforementioned writer's books.

Documents obtained by TMZ claimed things quickly took a turn for the worse when Dash began spending some of the funds for his other projects, including a music video. Afterward, she fired him as a director but this didn't stop Dash from continuing the relationship in unscrupulous ways.

According to the court documents, Dash claimed he had co-authorship over the film and later tried selling it on iTunes and on his Damon Dash Studios website, without her expressed permission. Brooks filed a suit against Dash, aiming to get damages which she later earned, in addition to interest.

Damon said to TMZ that the "copyright claim was incorrectly decided" and he and his attornies would be filing for an appeal. Those who have watched Dash closely over the years know these aren't his only legal troubles either.

Damon has been in trouble with authorities repeatedly in the past, including last year when he was apprehended by authorities for not paying child support. With that said, he did manage to cough up the cash and was subsequently released.

Dash reportedly owed two different women money, including Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales. TMZ also claimed last year that Damon owed both women around $400,000 in unpaid child support but hadn't paid up at that time.

Dash later pulled up to a Manhattan courthouse and paid off the debts and was able to put it all behind him - at least for now. Dash is often in the news, as well, for his old relationship with Jay-Z which has since turned sour.

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