Dame Dash Says He's Still 'Salty' Over Jay-Z Supposedly 'Doing Him Dirty'

Dame Dash Says He's Still 'Salty' Over Jay-Z Supposedly 'Doing Him Dirty'
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Dame Dash, the ex-business associate of Jay-Z, has spoken about his tarnished relationship with the rapper before, however, during the latest interview with him, Mr. Dash was more candid than usual. During a chat with Big Boy TV earlier this week, Dash claimed Jay-Z did him "dirty."

According to the entertainment Mogul, Jay did the label they founded real "dirty." Dash claims Jay-Z approached L.A. Reid, the music executive who ran Def Jam and told him he wanted to take the chief executive position.

At that time, Reid was the boss of the label that owned Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam. According to Dame, Jay-Z said to him that he wanted to look "like a boss," but he couldn't do that while being around him. To Dash, that was "dirty."

Moreover, Dame claimed Hov was "dirty," for separating his identity from the fashion brand he helped create, Rocawear clothing, before going on to work another business partnership without Dash's involvement.

Dame went on to claim that when it comes to business, he doesn't feel salty about most things, but with Jay-Z, he's a bit bitter about how everything went down. "It's just him!" Dame stated," before going on to add that Roc-A-Fella doesn't exist anymore.

Earlier this year, Dame Dash was in the news once again after he was apprehended by the authorities for unpaid child support. During a chat with Page Six, Dash claims he wasn't having any financial problems, and he paid the money he owed that day.

Following his release, he hosted a party and appeared to have a great time. In another interview, Dash claimed he thought he looked like a "boss" on his way into the court with handcuffs on and his stylish outfit.

People on social media, however, were less forgiving, calling him a "deadbeat dad," among other pejorative terms. As it was noted above, Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and Kareem Biggs founded the record label back in 1995 and was owned by Def Jam at the time. Def Jam is now owned by Universal Music Group.

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