The Reason Demi Lovato And Austin Wilson Broke Up

The Reason Demi Lovato And Austin Wilson Broke Up
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Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson apparently weren't a "good fit" for each other a recent source explained to E! News. Today, on Saturday, the outlet learned that the 27-year-old singer and 25-year-old model broke up just a month after first making it official on Instagram.

The insider who spoke with the aforementioned outlet explained that their lifestyles were simply not compatible, mostly because Demi is all about sobriety and staying low-key. This apparently isn't the case for Wilson.

Furthermore, the same source claimed Demi is focused solely on her music. For that reason, it was best for them to simply split up and move on with their lives because their goals at this particular point in time are quite a bit different.

As it was previously reported, Lovato suffered a drug overdose last year which led to her entrance to a hospital in addition to a brief stay in rehab. It wasn't her first time in the facility either. In her song, "Sober," the singer lamented about falling prey to drugs once again.

The track came out around one month before her overdose occurred and shocked fans. Furthermore, for months, there was no official statement from Demi who had disappeared from the limelight. However, later, the singer-songwriter explained that someday she would tell the whole story.

According to Demi, much of the media reports were not entirely accurate, so one day, she intended on offering more information. However, she hasn't revealed any additional details since then.

It was reported earlier this week that fans began noticing their relationship was possibly in peril, considering Demi had deleted all of her photos with him from her IG account. He did the same thing to her.

Lovato reportedly wrote a message to a fan which described Austin as a "good guy," urging the fan to "not go after him." Ironically, the breakup comes after the photographer, Angelo Kritikos, shared photos of the pair on his IG account. Wilson wrote on the post that Demi was the most "beautiful girl in the world."

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