Cynthia Bailey Updates Fans On Her And Mike Hill's Wedding Plans - Is It Still Happening On 10/10/20?

Cynthia Bailey Updates Fans On Her And Mike Hill's Wedding Plans - Is It Still Happening On 10/10/20?
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Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill have been looking forward to their wedding for a while now but will they be able to tie the knot as planned? As you might know, the two are set to have their ceremony on the very special date of 10/10/20 but due to the coronavirus pandemic and all the social distancing rules, the whole thing is up in the air!

During a new interview for HollywoodLife, the RHOA star updated fans on the status of their upcoming wedding.

The reality TV celeb mentioned that she and her fiance are still working on some details but in the end, whether their dream wedding date is still a reality or not, it’s in 'God’s hands.'

‘The wedding is something I’m trying to figure out if I want to move forward with. 10/10/20 was the perfect date for us — and now I do not know if it is so perfect. I do not want to force the wedding just because we set the date. For now, everything's still a go for 10/10/20. We are still planning on doing the big shebang in Atlanta,’ she dished.

But does that mean they will get their huge bash as they were hoping?

The pair has apparently already considered a few other options in case they will not be able to have 250 guests.

One of them is to keep the celebration rather small this time and go on to do a vow renewal later on when everything is back to normal.

Cynthia is the most concerned for the safety and health of all the family and guests who would have to travel and gather up in large groups to attend their wedding.

‘I don’t want to be stuck with the date just because we had to have it. And people are going to show up with a mask on and [not] feel comfortable being around people… we have 250 people on this wedding list that we'd like to have there to celebrate with us. We have everything in place, and hopefully, in the next couple weeks I will be able to call it. I do not know what the world's going to say. It’s in God’s hands.’


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