Cynthia Bailey Tells Her Fans To Keep Fighting The Good Fight

Cynthia Bailey Tells Her Fans To Keep Fighting The Good Fight
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Cynthia Bailey told her fans that they should fight for justice, but they should also remember to fight 'the good fight.' Check out the message that she shared on her social media account.

'be smart out there. keep fighting the GOOD fight but DON’T fall for the trick bag. they are trying to play off our pain. be smart! be careful. let’s not lose what we have done. keep fighting the GOOD fight👊🏾#justice #georgefloyd #peacefulprotest #vote #enoughisenough #brotherlove #fightforchange #staysafe #staywoke,' Cynthia told her fans.

Someone said: 'Wow I actually thought was an old video of George at first!! Beautiful words from a strong brother! ✊🏼❤'

Another commenter wrote: 'My church honored #GeorgeFloyd this morning! George Floyd is a well-loved brother in Christ! God will not allow his death to be in vain! We will remember brother George! May the spirit of God & MLK live in us!'

One other follower said: 'Pay attention to that picture of the man that killed him that’s not him in that photo that’s why they did not show him being arrested.'

A fan posted this: 'Been saying this dont. Loose focus on the reason why you are out there protesting ..Dont loose focus wise and see what's going on some of this burning down of buildings and loitering are setups to make us as a people to look bad. Check Tyler Perry post that he sent put yesterday..listen to the news its pur there..Be safe people and let's not lose focus ..Stat safe and be bless 🙏😷'

One follower said: 'Big facts.. we all quick to say what we should and should not do but until you put yourself and that position honestly can no one speak on that issue Lord knows I want Justice the right is right wrong is wrong but if that was one of my family members no telling what would happen that's when the good Lord steps in and Conquer everything if you believe got to truly have a relationship with God.'

Other than this, Cynthia wants people to remember who George Floyd was amidst all the protests and the looting that are now going on in the US.

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