Cynthia Bailey Talks About Moral Obligations That People Have

Cynthia Bailey Talks About Moral Obligations That People Have
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Cynthia Bailey shared a message on her social media account that has fans agreeing with what she posted. Check out what she has to say about a moral obligation that all of us have.

'John Lewis February 21, 1940- July 17, 2020 #RIP #blackexcellence,' she captioned her post.

Someone said: 'RIH Rep John Lewis, good and faithful servant! #goodtrouble 🙏🏾♥️'

Another followewr posted this message: '🌿RIP Mr. Lewis, you took beatings for your people, but Trump won’t wear a mask for his.🌹 God bless you and rest now, watch us from heaven cause we are about to get into some good trouble. You paved the way for future leaders.'

A commenter said: 'That is so true don't be afraid,' and someone else posted this message: 'Cynthia does that also mean in black neighborhoods where Black people see things that are unfair every day but because of some kind of invisible code they seem to stay silent?'

Someone else wrote: 'Does that mean you are also going vegan? We lose 4 million people in Africa due to starvation because we take those grains and feed them to our livestock so we can eat meat...'

Another follower said: 'Oh and viruses are passed to humans by animals too...' and a commenter posted this: 'People stand back and watch, do nothing because they are scared of consequences.'

Someone else wrote:  'You're absolutely right I could not and by and see someone doing something wrong to another person I just can't walk by and let it happen.'

Cynthia Bailey shared a video and a message that impressed a lot of people. They shared various similar stories in the comments.


Also, Cynthia hopped in the challenge wagon and also decided to share a black and white photo of herself. She also makes sure to praise one of her friends for women empowerment.

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