Cynthia Bailey Talks About One Of Her Most Traumatic Experiences Of Her Life

Cynthia Bailey Talks About One Of Her Most Traumatic Experiences Of Her Life
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Cynthia Bailey shared a video and a message that will probably impress a lot of people. Check out her recent post that she shared on her social media account below.

'MORE THAN A STRAND: One of the most traumatic experiences in my life was witnessing my mother experience domestic abuse. A key moment for me on my journey to heal was me learning that it was not my fault and to begin healing from the trauma. I am happy to announce that I’m partnering with @MielleOrganics for their #MoreThanAStrand global campaign. It is @exquisitemo's goal for this campaign to allow women to speak on how they overcame their traumas with the hopes of helping someone else. It’s a mission to strengthen the bond between mothers, daughters and young girls across the tri-continent of U.S., Caribbean, and Africa footprints through hair care. Follow @mielleorganics and visit to learn more. #morethanastrand 🇺🇸 #MTAS #mielleorganics,' Cynthia captioned her post.

A follower posted this message: 'Once upon a time, I too, was that girl... In one room with a gun to my head cause he was Jealous and thinking is he gonna go kill my baby afterwards? I fought for my life! Years later, God was so merciful and blessed my daughter and I with this husband I love so much and he returns all love and more, every day! God is Amazing. Just a little testimony💞'

Someone else said: 'Cynthia, thanks for sharing. A lot of kids go or are going thru this or similar situations with parents or their loved ones girlfriends or boyfriends but just don’t what to do or how to react. As you stated that you got put out of the house or, in some cases, get hurt physically. As you stated they need to know they did nothing wrong, only trying to protect their parents or love ones. So, I say, “see something say something”! We’re all more than a strand!'

Another follower said: 'Thank you for speaking out. Someone will receive inspiration from this message.'

Someone else posted this message: 'It’s good you’re speaking out about it you very strong and I really love you for this because ppl that been through this have a hard time saying anything.'

A follower wrote: 'Such a painful and sensitive issue...many have been muted eternally and some of us are carrying the effects of it.'


Other than this, Cynthia Bailey  hopped in the challenge wagon and also decided to share a black and white photo of herself. She also makes sure to praise one of her friends for women empowerment.

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