Cynthia Bailey Talks About A Potential Reconciliation With NeNe Leakes

Cynthia Bailey Talks About A Potential Reconciliation With NeNe Leakes
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RHOA fans are aware of the gap that appeared for quite a while now between NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. NeNe has been recently accused that she exploded over Cynthia's engagement.

NeNe made sure to set things straight regarding this subject in a now-deleted post. She was sharing the following:

'Number 1, WHY would i explode? WHY? Chile I don’t want high blood pressure 🤣 Number 2, i sent @cynthiabailey10 the nite of her engagement a beautiful gift and card. I couldn’t be happier for her finding love again,’ NeNe began her post.

She continued and said: ‘Number 3 @radaronline and all the others who continue to pick this up, post, write trying to diminish/damage my character should try using their time in a more productive way like donating to @americancancersociety The Lies The Lies The Lies in @kandi voice 😝’

Now, Cynthia has also addressed this subject.

The RHOA star talked to the online publication Hollywood Life and they offer some quotes for the public.

'I think the time and the space apart has been good for us both to kind of sit with ourselves and just — I think the time apart has been healthy for both of us,' Cynthia said.

She continued and stated 'However, I’m always going to love NeNe. I wish her well. I’m so proud of her with her huge store opening of Swag in DC. I’m so happy Gregg [Leakes] is cancer-free. I still pray for them. In terms of our friendship, I don’t ever see us being the way it was, but I definitely — I love her.'

Fans might be surprised to learn that Cynthia also said that 'I definitely would love to be cordial, we roll in the same circle, and to have a good time. NeNe is a good time. There’s nothing like fun NeNe. That’s the only one that I’m fine for, the NeNe that makes me laugh. I’ll take that NeNe all day long. It’s Nay Nay that I don’t like! I love NeNe!'

It seems that things might be heading towards reconciliation between these two ladies, something that their diehard fans would genuinely love.

Cynthia is living her best life these days and she just got engaged.

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