NeNe Leakes Makes It Very Clear That She's Happy For Cynthia Bailey's Engagement

NeNe Leakes Makes It Very Clear That She's Happy For Cynthia Bailey's Engagement
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NeNe Leakes decided that it's time to respond over various accusations that have been brought to her regarding how she feels about Cynthia Bailey and more. Check out her latest post which she shared on her social media account.

As you know by now, Cynthia has been living her best life and just got engaged.

'Number 1, WHY would i explode? WHY? Chile I don’t want high blood pressure 🤣 Number 2, i sent @cynthiabailey10 the nite of her engagement a beautiful gift and card. I couldn’t be happier for her finding love again,' NeNe began her post.

She continued and said: 'Number 3 @radaronline and all the others who continue to pick this up, post, write trying to diminish/damage my character should try using their time in a more productive way like donating to @americancancersociety The Lies The Lies The Lies in @kandi voice 😝'

Tami Roman writes 'They sure like to keep up mess when people are just minding their business SMH.'

Someone posted: 'If it wasn’t for Nene those heffas wouldn’t have jobs! She created the whole storyline last season and for this season. Bloop.'

Another follower said: 'I truly do believe the media needs to stop painting Ms. Leakes as the big bad wolf trying to blow all these houses down. She stated at a reunion that is this issues caught on film or texts, anything? If viewers are smart, they won’t support click bait to put coins in the pockets of those sad and insecure of their own life. They sold their soul long ago and will realize it one day.'

One commenter wrote this: 'They use YOU for clickbait! Everybody trying to make a dollar off you! When I see things abt you that seems negative I keep scrolling by! If it’s not positive it doesn’t get my attention! ☝🏽Love you Queen👸🏽💛💛'

Other than this, NeNe had fans worried for a while when she shared a post on social media.

She told her fans that she just had a conversation about relationships with Gregg Leakes.

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