Cynthia Bailey Surprises Fans With These Pics In Which She Is Flaunting Her Curves

Cynthia Bailey Surprises Fans With These Pics In Which She Is Flaunting Her Curves
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Cynthia Bailey surprised fans with a bunch of new pics that she dropped on social media. Check out the photos that she shared below.

Someone said: 'Young ladies tighten up u see what you got to keep up with,' and a commenter posted this: 'Yes, SKIN. Yes, COLORS. Yes, Cynthia THE Bailey-Hill! 🔥'

One fan posted this: 'Total admiration ❤️❤️ wonderful woman,' and a follower said: 'Girll who told u to do it like that !!!!!!!!😍'

Cynthia also said: '“align yourself with friends that wish you well PERIOD. not just when they are rocking with you. you never know how things are gonna play out, or who will show up for you in the end.”💫#thinkbigger #movewithlove #positveenergy #godsplan wig colorist: @jtavar_'

One follower posted this: 'She was never your friend anyways. Godspeed,' and one other follower said: 'With friends like Cynthia who needs enemies. She will deny you, laugh with your enemies, and agree with them when they come for your.'

A fan said: ' Nope. She's not referring to Porsha because they were never friends like that for it to affect her. Open door number 2.'

Someone else posted this: 'Girl bye with these needy sub posts. What kind of bullshit statement is that? A real friend may not always agree with you but they will always rock with you. You must have done something because you’ve been awfully pressed over friendships lately. Just apologize and fix it, damn.'

A fan said: 'Good afternoon, what brings you to our town? I hope that you have a great view of downtown and maybe you can get out when the sun goes down and enjoy Deep Ellum or some of the spots on McKenney Avenue. I recommend Texas de Brazil for dinner. Have fun!!😍'


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