Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Feelings About Filming RHOA With NeNe Leakes

Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Feelings About Filming RHOA With NeNe Leakes
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Everyone is preparing for season 12 of RHOA, and Cynthia Bailey is no exception. She's been gearing up for a new season of the TV series, and she's reportedly addressed how she feels filming for the show after everything that happened with NeNe Leakes.

Hollywood Life discussed things with a source who is reportedly close to Cynthia, and here's what they had to say:

'Cynthia is so un-bothered over the fact that she has to see NeNe next weekend when NeNe begins filming RHOA in New York,' the source began.

The same insider continued and said, 'They’re being forced to film together and actually talk for the first time since the RHOA reunion last spring. She doesn’t care at all. Cynthia knows this will be the first time that she will have to talk to NenN in awhile and neither is looking forward to it whatsoever.'

The same source said that NeNe is currently not speaking to any of the RHOA ladies. She's just speaking with Eva Marcille who has been her friend for a while, according to reports.

You may recall that the feud between NeNe and Cynthia started when NeNe felt betrayed that Cynthia invited her arch enemy Kenya Moore to the same party that NeNe was at.

Other than this, NeNe has been doing great these days, being busy with the new location of her shop.

She also made sure to mark Father’s Day by praising her hubby, Gregg Leakes . She shared a photo of his on her social media account and wrote a message to go with it.

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