Cynthia Bailey Dishes On Her Decision To Televise Wedding Ceremony To Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey Dishes On Her Decision To Televise Wedding Ceremony To Mike Hill
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According to a report from, Cynthia Bailey recently explained why she chose to put her wedding to fiancé, Mike Hill, on TV.

The 52-year-old star of Real Housewives of Atlanta explained that many of her fans have been with her on her journey for the last ten years, including when she got married to Peter Thomas, as well as their subsequent divorce.

"They've seen me date on the show," the reality star remarked, before going on to say it would be "unfair" not to show them that she's finally found the right man. Bailey stated that many of her fans have never seen her in a great place before, so for that reason, she chose to televise it.

Regarding when the marriage goes down, Bailey, 52, and Hill, 49, haven't gotten into the specifics. However, she noted that she and her man have pinpointed the date, as well as where it's going to be. With that said, they haven't decided on the venue yet.

Bailey added that she and her man haven't chosen the exact venue yet, but they know in which state the marriage will take place. Regardless, it's going to be a big day for not only her and her man, but also for the viewers as well.

According to Bailey, her relationship with Mike has been a "blessing" thus far, because she never knew if she would get married ever again. Before getting engaged to Mike, she was also with Peter Thomas, 59, whom she split with back in 2016.

The ex-model explained that her wedding will be nothing like she has ever done before. It will be a totally different experience because it's also a different time. It was back in July when they first announced they were engaged following one year of dating.

She said to reporters from Us Magazine at the time that she was shocked as well as "excited." The reality star explained that she didn't know her boyfriend-of-the-time would propose to her on that night, so it all came as a surprise.

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