Cynthia Bailey Commemorated Her Grandma, Frankie Mae Ford - Check Out The Emotional Message She Shared

Cynthia Bailey Commemorated Her Grandma, Frankie Mae Ford - Check Out The Emotional Message She Shared
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Just the other day, Cynthia Bailey commemorated her grandmother, Frankie Mae Ford, and she posted an emotional message on her social media account. You can check it out below.

'Today is my grandma Frankie Mae Ford’s birthday. She died at the age of 98. Wow, she would have been 106 years old today. My mom just texted me this photo. This is one of very few. I love it. So beautiful and classy. We were very close, and I am a lot like her. I didn’t realize how much my daughter @noellerobinson resembles her. She was my first example of a black female entrepreneur. With 11 children, no education, poor, 3 jobs & no real money or help, she kept the family fed, clean & a roof over their heads,' Cynthia began her post.

She continued and wrote: 'She was a boss & the ultimate hustler. She knew how to make something out of nothing. Home this past week with a lot of time to think & reflect on life, family & health. We are resilient people, and have overcome so much. We will get through this very trying & scary time. Praying everyone stays healthy & positive. Take this time to appreciate what your have, especially family. I know this was supposed to be a birthday post for my grandma. I am all over the place. Anyway, I just felt it on my heart to share, and tell you guys to stay strong. Love y’all! Miss you granny🤍This too shall pass.🎉🙏🏽'

Someone was grateful to Cynthia for sharing this: 'Thank you for sharing. It’s an inspirational and beautiful lesson. Happy birthday granny Xoxo.'

Another follower said: 'Thank you, Cynthia, for your words of encouragement sometimes even though we know it we still need to hear it.. your grandmother’s story sounds so much like that of my mom’s with 14 kids and no education no real money growing up in the islands but there was always food on the table she made it works.. I am grateful for my family. Enjoy your family bonding time!'

Someone said: 'Happy Born Day, Grandma! I’m celebrating my Brothers born day as well!'

Other than this, Cynthia recalled the amazing times when she was in Greece , and she made sure to post some gorgeous pics on her social media account.

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