Cynthia Bailey Brings Tears To Her Fans' Eyes With This Video In The Memory Of Racism Victims

Cynthia Bailey Brings Tears To Her Fans' Eyes With This Video In The Memory Of Racism Victims
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Cynthia Bailey continues to speak against racial injustice and police brutality. Check out the emotional video that she shared on her social media account below.

'THIS VIDEO SPEAKS VOLUMES👊🏾❤️☮️#repost @cashflowharlem Thank you for posting. In tears watching. Enough is enough! We must remember them all. I know everyone is not in this video so feel free to # the names of countless others in the comments. The movement is for #georgefloyd & everyone else that has died at the hands of police brutality, & racial injustice🙏🏽
・・・ #blm #justice #blackouttuesday,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This made me cry. All these beautiful souls. God help us,' and another follower mentioned the police chief who got killed: 'They killed a retired black police chief in St. Louis. David Dorn. Where are your tears for him?'

A commenter responded: 'we shed tears and stand tall for brother David now also 👑🙏 May he rest in paradise.'

Someone else wrote: 'What about the White officer blatantly shot in the head by a black man just for being a cop!!! What his life doesn't matter.'

A commenter said: 'Unity by all marginalized communities is the key! We have allies in Congress ! You can change the laws that are written to promote human rights! Don’t let Trump continue to implement laws that take away your humanity and dignity'

Someone else said this about voting: 'We have been voting since 1870...yet the oppression and lynching are still here. They want to distract us and quiet us with the illusion that voting will bring change! VOTING IS ONLY 1 PIECE of the puzzle.'

Cynthia shared a quote on her social media account , citing NYC governor Andrew Cuomo and she impressed fans with this move.

She also  wants people to remember who George Floyd was  amidst all the protests and the looting that are now going on in the US.

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