Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Took Their Daughters With Them To The BLM Protests - They Explain The Reason Why!

Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Took Their Daughters With Them To The BLM Protests - They Explain The Reason Why!
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As fans know, Cynthia Bailey and her fiance, Mike Hill, did not hesitate to join the Black Lives Matter protests taking place all over the country in the aftermath of the senseless killing of George Floyd. That being said, the two also took their three daughters with them in spite of the danger.

Now, the RHOA stars explained why they made this decision.

It’s no secret that a worldwide pandemic is still happening so while people are risking everything for the sake of fighting for racial equality, parents protecting their kids from both the virus and the possibly volatile protests is natural.

However, Cynthia and Mike chose to join the peaceful protests with their young ones alongside them, pressing pause on the quarantine.

During an interview for HollywoodLife, the reality TV star explained that ‘It felt so good to go out in the name of justice. From that point, the focus turned from COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter. One of the things that really surprised me the most was the people. It was so many people, all kinds of people…people were handing out water to everyone and giving snacks [out], antibacterial, masks, anything you could need.’

Mike added that there were: ‘People carrying cases down to the protests to make sure that people stayed hydrated during the march. I was blown away by the love and the compassion and just the unity…I think our kids actually took us down there as well.’

As mentioned before, the whole family joined the fight against racism, Cynthia’s 20 year old daughter and Mike’s 18 and 20 year old daughters from separate relationships taking onto the streets alongside thousands of other protesters.

Cynthia explained via the same news outlet that ‘One of the reasons why we actually wanted to take our daughters, not that they’re not at the age to go themselves, but we’re still in a pandemic, of course, but we felt like we just needed to get out and go and see what was happening for ourselves. Watching the news it just looked like the world was going crazy.’


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