Cynthia Bailey And Eva Marcille Publicly Show Love To Each Other - Cynthia's Fans Warn Her

Cynthia Bailey And Eva Marcille Publicly Show Love To Each Other - Cynthia's Fans Warn Her
Credit: BET

Eva Marcille showed some love to Cynthia Bailey on her social media account and she shared a gorgeous pic of her friend. She also posted an emotional message, highlighting how much she misses her BFF. Check out her post below.

'Just fine for no damn reason #wcm @cynthiabailey10 Even more beautiful on the inside then you are on the outside. I cherish our friendship, and I can’t wait for your ass to get back off of this quarantine #rona got me missing my friend,'  Eva captioned her post.

A follower commented: 'Absolutely stunning Ms. Hill, and I know that you are going to be a gorgeous bride and I can't wait to see it, take care and be bless and be safe.'

Someone else said: '#Real Friend..I love me some @evamarcille and @cynthiabailey10 best ones on the show hands down 💄💋'

Cynthia also shared a photo in which she's together with Eva and she mentioned RHOA to her followers:

'did you guys catch the Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight? it’s coming on again at 11pmEST in case you missed it. @evamarcille #happyeaster' Cynthia wrote.

Some of Cynthia's fans are warning her about Eva. For instance, someone said: 'Watch out Cynthia she's two-faced. She used Nene to get on the show, now she's bashing her with every word that comes out of her mouth.'

But most of her fans love their friendship. Someone said: 'Two of my fave I am glad y'all are friends in real life.'

Another commenter also posted: 'Beautiful... you're a "friend" to your friends. I love your relationship with Kenya!💕' and someone else gushed over the ladies as well: 'My faves along with Kandi. You can tell who on the show is truly happy in their lives.'

Eva has also been praising her daughter as well these days, and fans gushed over Marley Rae.

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  • Linda
    Linda Apr 16, 2020 10:56 PM PDT

    Two intelligent, successful, beautiful happy women of color. It’s refreshing to see!!!

  • Brenda Woolford
    Brenda Woolford Apr 13, 2020 8:04 AM PDT

    So cynthia is the god mom to the new baby, nice story line eva.

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