Conor McGregor Accepts Fight Request From Young Fighter Khamzat Chimaev

Conor McGregor Accepts Fight Request From Young Fighter Khamzat Chimaev
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Conor McGregor announced earlier this year that he was going to stop fighting in the ring and live a life of peace, however, a new report from Hot New Hip Hop says he has already accepted the offer to fight a rising star in the UFC.

Hot New Hip Hop claims that today, McGregor accepted a fight challenge from Khamzat Chimaev, who called him out on his Twitter account. Conor said succinctly in response, "I accept!" after the young fighter called him out and said he wasn't "cocky," he was just "confident" in his ability to fight an exceptional talent.

Earlier this week, Chimaev said on his account that he was very bored at the moment, and he wanted to get a new fight sooner rather than later. He tagged other big names in his tweet as well, including Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

Reportedly, Chimaev has a great record of 8 victories and zero losses, so people think he stands a great chance of being the next big star. It's not clear if the fight would come to fruition, but fans on social media have been talking about the potential for a match between the two fighters ever since.

This would also mean that McGregor isn't retiring after all. Earlier this year, the topic of his potential retirement was in the headlines again when Ashley Mitchell picked up on a social media post from Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Floyd shot a message at Conor in which he dragged the fighter for hanging up his gloves before they could have a re-match. Conor has said in the past that if he were to fight Floyd Mayweather for the second time, he could probably win.

According to Mitchell, the social media exchange between the two fighters started with a picture of Conor's chocolate cake with the words, "Happy Retirement Daddy."

Floyd said in response that whenever Conor decides to step in the ring again, he'll be waiting to fight him. Conor's most recent threat of retirement is the third time in the last four years.



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