Mike Tyson's Ex Robin Givens Claims She Doesn't Want Her Relationship Displayed In New Tyson Biopic

Mike Tyson's Ex Robin Givens Claims She Doesn't Want Her Relationship Displayed In New Tyson Biopic
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Hot New Hip Hop said today that Robin Givens, the actress, would rather be excluded from the narrative of an upcoming biopic concerning the life and trials of Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer.

Sports fans will be thrilled to see Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior fighting each other in the upcoming months, and this all comes at the same time as the new biopic about Iron Mike. Reportedly, the film, Finding Mike , stars Jamie Foxx, and it'll cover the boxer's tumultuous career.

Fans of Mike Tyson will remember when he was married to Robin Givens in the 1980s. The actress has accused Mike of being abusive toward her and also having a very wild temper. At a later date, Mike admitted to hitting her on a number of occasions.

Reportedly, Mike has spoken about his behavior toward Robin in a number of forms, including during an interview with Oprah Winfrey as well as in the book, Fire and Fear: The Insider Story of Mike Tyson. During a conversation with Andy Cohen, Robin Givens gave her thoughts on the new biopic.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, when she appeared on the Bravo TV mainstay's SiriusXM program, the actress admitted she didn't want to see her personal life portrayed on the big screen. Robin said during the interview that her marriage to Mike wasn't a good time for her.

According to Robin, she went and read Mike Tyson's book, and after reading it, she came to the conclusion there were so many untrue things in it that it was "disturbing." She added, "but it's really a little upsetting."

Robin explained a passage from the book in which Mike admitted to hitting her in what was described as one of the best punches he ever threw. Robin says it was a very "disturbing" part of the book.

Givens went on to say she hopes there will be a world someday where such behavior isn't rewarded or congratulated. In recent news, Mike Tyson has touched on the recent career resurgence he has experienced.

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