Conor McGregor Shows Interest In Fighting Oscar De La Hoya

Conor McGregor Shows Interest In Fighting Oscar De La Hoya
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If there's one thing for sure, it's that Conor McGregor rarely backs down from a fight. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from Oscar De La Hoya recently in which he said he'd take out Conor McGregor in a boxing match in less than two rounds.

There's no question that Conor McGregor is perhaps one of the most controversial fighters in recent memory, not only for his skills as a UFC combatant but also for his larger-than-life persona, which has made him a massive draw for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Additionally, McGregor has, in the past, chosen fights that many others wouldn't do, including a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Junior despite the fact McGregor isn't even a boxer. It was definitely the most talked-about fight that year.

However, he fell from grace when he lost to Khabib last year in what was described as a disgraceful match, especially for the bus incident that occurred beforehand. On the other hand, McGregor put a stop to Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone in a match that he won almost instantly.

Since then, Conor has officially put himself back in the good graces of fans following his entertaining and shocking comeback. Getting back to the topic of boxing matches, Floyd beat Conor in ten rounds, but it was what most people expected considering Floyd's expertise in the sport relative to Conor's.

Another boxer has shown interest in Conor: Oscar De La Hoya. When asked whether he could beat him in a fight or not, De La Hoya stated it would be over in less than two rounds. Oscar admitted, however, that he had nothing but respect for the fighter.

On his Twitter account, McGregor accepted the challenge. The fight would be an interesting match, especially considering Oscar is much older than him.

Most social media users have suggested that it would likely take a lot of boxing training for Conor to beat Oscar, while others argued that Oscar's time as a great boxer is over when taking his age into consideration.

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