Conor McGregor Revealed His Aunt Passed Away - Coronavirus Might Be The Cause Of Death

Conor McGregor Revealed His Aunt Passed Away - Coronavirus Might Be The Cause Of Death
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The whole world is terrified these days by the coronavirus pandemic. The global crisis seems to be intensifying with each passing day, and fear is reigning is most countries on the planet.

The new virus is making more and more victims, and celebrities are also affected as more personalities pop up in the news in relation to this subject.

It's been just revealed that Conor McGregor and his family are going through a rough time these days.

The Shade Room reported all the available data about the case.

According to TSR, Conor has just revealed his aunt passed away seemingly due to the new coronavirus.

'In an Instagram post, Conor pens a message to his country, his fans, and his family about the containment of the virus. And while Ireland has put forth a great effort to keep things under control, it just wasn't enough to keep his aunt alive,' TSR noted.

'Ireland you amazing, amazing country. I believe we have this virus contained. And through this containment, we actually may have gone and contained them all,' he said.

He continued and said that 'The good habits we will have now gained from this wild COVID-19 attack will see us too strong in the future.'

TSR revealed that while mourning the loss of a family member, Conor also reflected on his own personal hygiene.

Someone said: 'Just because someone dies, doesn’t mean it’s from the coronavirus 🤦🏽‍♂️. Y’all making it too serious.'

Another follower posted this: 'I had just got my anxiety under control about this virus 😩 now I’m feeling symptoms.'

One commenter also believes that this whole thing is too exaggerated: 'Anyone can die from this just like anyone can die from anything. This is only being propagated by sensationalism and causing unfocused ppl to overreact, and it’s working.'

Let's keep Conor, and his family lifted up in prayer.

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