Concerned Tamar Braxton Reacts To Sister Toni Braxton's Confusing Bathing Suit/Lingerie Photo That Gives Fans Plenty To See

Concerned Tamar Braxton Reacts To Sister Toni Braxton's Confusing Bathing Suit/Lingerie Photo That Gives Fans Plenty To See
Credit: Credit: Instagram

Toni Braxton looks beyond amazing at the age of 52, and she decided to show it all off in what appears to be a tiny black bikini that has her fans drooling and dropping that slice of yummy cake.

The singer took to social media, and she shared a sizzling photo where she explained that her toned body is ready for Memorial Day, but she is afraid to hit the beach because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Toni's 3.3 million Instagram followers were treated to a spectacular view with the mirror selfie.

The "Un-Break My Heart" singer did not actually wear a bikini, instead she donned sheer lingerie to flaunt her flat stomach and tiny waist.

Toni's sister Tamar Braxton had this to say: "Oh, I'm coming to check on u..👀... u ok???"

One fan replied: "So you just gone be 25 forever? Is that the plan?Aht aht, no Toni slander will be tolerated. 🖤"

This backer claimed: "No. We want short hair Toni in a cover-up honey. Toni does not conform to society. She is classic!!!."

Another person shared: "Toni Braxton, you are showing out!! 😍😍Well damn Toni, let me go do more sit-ups, lol."

This person wrote: "You look good I wish I had a body like you. She always had an amazing body."

In a recent interview, Toni opened up about her health by saying: "It's not your fault. It's nothing you did. It's just what it is. It's just what your body is or has become. There's nothing you could have done to change it."

She also spoke about dropping new music soon: "I'm super excited to have a new album coming out. The new single comes out next month. I'm back into the thing that I absolutely love, so I'm looking forward to it."

She added: "We are filming…I didn't even know it was on Netflix. It's busy, busy family time… We're a family who loves really hard and see just let people peep in when we're fighting a little bit. We let you guys see the love too. Even though we love each other, sometimes we don't get along, but in the end, we figure it out and come together with love."

Toni still has people talking on social media.

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  • Jill
    Jill May 26, 2020 11:56 AM PDT

    I agree that Tamar is probably jealous because she’s so thick right now (her words)...not to mention she posted an inappropriate long make-out session with the Nigerian BUT TONI...GIRL?!?!

  • Sharon
    Sharon May 26, 2020 3:54 AM PDT

    Tamar needs to mind her own business and keep figuring out to keep herself in the news She can't sing, has no talent, etc and has to ride Toni skirt tails Girl Bye.

  • Christina Short
    Christina Short May 25, 2020 3:03 PM PDT

    Tamar is just jealous she don't look as good as Toni at Toni's age. Tamar can only wish that she looked as good as Toni at Toni's age. No one would have ever known Toni was in her underwear if Tamar wouldn't have spoken on it. Keep wishing Tamar! Stop bringing hate on your sisters. You will never be as great as Toni! Toni has exposed herself more than this in the past.

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