Colton Underwood Addresses Allegations That He's A Bad Kisser

Colton Underwood Addresses Allegations That He's A Bad Kisser
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Cassie Randolph doesn't care about whether or not Colton Underwood is a good kisser, and neither does he.

Speaking with reporters from Us Magazine this past week, Underwood stated - in reference to footage of his co-stars talking about his alleged lackluster kissing skills - that he doesn't know "how that ended up making the cut," however, the only person's opinion he cares about is Cassie.

The 27-year-old said to Us Magazine in New York City at Yahoo Sports NFL Kickoff Party on Thursday, on the 5th of September, that Cassie says he's a great kisser, so that's all he cares about. The reality star claimed that liking someone's kiss is moreso about preference.

Underwood, while managing to stay relatively mature about the topic, stated that every person has their own individual preferences. Part of the experience of coming together as a couple is learning to get to know each other as well as their respective preferences.

Back in August, Caitlin Clemmens and Sydney Lotuaco, during an episode of Bachelor In Paradise, both agreed on the fact that Colton was the worst at kissing. Tayshia Adams, who made it to the final three, claims that as the seasons moved on, his kissing skills actually got better.

Underwood, on the other hand, went on to say that he would never talk badly about someone on TV. The reality star went on to say it's just not his business, so he won't bother talking about it. Colton added that he doesn't believe you should talk badly about your ex after the relationship is over.

However, Colton did throw a jab at the cast of Bachelor In Paradise on Wednesday on the 4th of September. In a post which he deleted, he wrote, " Bachelor In Paradise, y'all get caught up yet?" One day later, Colton deleted it because he felt bad.

Underwood claims he's trying to remain only positive when using social media. His mindset before he posts something is, "how does this make other people feel?"

While Caitlin and Sydney may not be in the best graces with Colton, some of his other co-stars are. Caelynn Miller-Keyes, for instance, who was eliminated during the hometown dates, is still friends with Underwood's new flame, Cassie.


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