Demi Lovato's Crush 'Bachelorette' Star Mike Johnson Reacts To Her Unedited Swimsuit Picture And Flirts!

Demi Lovato's Crush 'Bachelorette' Star Mike Johnson Reacts To Her Unedited Swimsuit Picture And Flirts!
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Demi Lovato bravely decided that it was time to stop being ashamed of her own body. As you may know, the singer posted a bathing suit pic in which her cellulite was not edited out and while she was scared of the response, Demi received a lot of support, both from her fans and fellow celebs.

Speaking of celebs, the reaction of one, in particular, must have meant more than any other’s to her.

Demi has made it very clear that she has a huge crush on Bachelorette star Mike Johnson so receiving love on the post from him is a great sign.

That’s right! Mike did not hide his appreciation of Demi’s vulnerability after she posted the unedited pic.

He even flirted by writing in the comment section: ‘Look at me like that again [smirking emoji]. Love yaself.’

Demi must be over the moon about the positive comment since she’s made her attraction to Mike pretty obvious.

After Hannah Brown dumped him earlier this summer, the singer did not hesitate to gush over him on Instagram, and even told him: ‘Mike, I accept your rose.’

Fans have been going crazy over this ship and it seems like Mike is all for it as well!

During an interview with HollywoodLife, he stated: ‘Hell yeah I would go on a date with Demi Lovato. She is freaking sexy as can be. I don’t know her personality, so I’d have to get to know her, but I would entertain a conversation…’

He was on Bachelor in Paradise at the time but this week, he was shown leaving the spin-off as a single man too so he’s definitely ready to mingle! Now it’s your chance, Demi!

His flirty comment might as well mean that he is pursuing her as well!


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