Coco Austin Still Breastfeeding Her Daughter Weeks Shy Of Her Fourth Birthday - 'Chanel Still Wants The Boob'

Coco Austin Still Breastfeeding Her Daughter Weeks Shy Of Her Fourth Birthday - 'Chanel Still Wants The Boob'
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Coco Austin gave birth to her and Ice-T’s daughter Chanel almost four years ago, and she is still breastfeeding. Austin proudly shared three recent pics of the intimate mother-daughter bonding time with her Instagram followers, telling them that it is “a mother’s calling.”

“I’m so blessed to have this unbelievable experience in this thing called nursing,” wrote the 40-year-old model in the caption.

Austin explained that she had a hard time breastfeeding Chanel the first week after her birth and she almost gave up. However, her family told her to keep trying for another week because she wouldn’t want to miss those special moments with her child.

She says that she “hung in there,” and now - nearly four years later - Chanel “still wants the boob.” Austin says that it’s become a comfort thing for her daughter and she does eat regularly. But, she nurses before naptime and nighttime.

“I’m lucky she hasn’t grown out [of] it yet because when that moment comes, I will be so sad. It’s the best feeling and ALL mothers that nurse know,” wrote Austin.

At the end of her caption, Austin told fans to read her mommy blog for details about her special relationship with her daughter, and she also added the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding.

This isn’t the first time Austin has shared pics of her breastfeeding Chanel Back when she was 15 months old, Austin shared nursing pics on Snapchat and wrote that the bonding activity was still “going strong.”

She also said in an interview last year that she follows other mom pages on Instagram because she loves inspiring pics that show tender moments of love between a mom and her child, with or without nursing.

Austin and her 61-year-old husband Ice-T married in 2005 and welcomed their daughter in 2015. He is also the parents of Letesha, 43, and Tracy, 27, from previous relationships.

Coco Austin recently told Us Weekly that her daughter already has more than 100 pairs of shoes and she’s quickly “catching up” with her. She says that her daughter is starting to understand how to match her shoes with her dresses, and at three years old she is already picking out what shoes she wants to wear.

Ice-T says his youngest daughter is already talking like she’s a grown-up and her “vocabulary is crazy.”

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