Coco Austin Does The Splits And Breaks The Internet

Coco Austin Does The Splits And Breaks The Internet
Credit: Source: Coco Austin/Instagram

Coco Austin, the wife of Ice-T, has broken the Internet after sharing several risqué photos of herself performing the splits. The model first shared a throwback picture last week where she posed in a thong and did the splits while sitting on a sofa. The picture went viral and has more than 50,000 likes. While many people praised her for her curves and flexibility, many wanted to know if she could still do the splits.

Coco is known for her voluptuous figure and even went on the television show The Doctors  to prove that she hadn't had butt implants but that her derriere was hers, all-natural, and the result of good genes and good exercise. Coco works out regularly with her sister and the two are experts at yoga. Coco's hard work has paid off as she proved that not only could she do the splits five years ago, but she can still do them today.

Here is the caption Coco shared with her 3 million followers in last week's picture.

"#tbt ... taken for my "Coco Magazine" years ago.. followers ask can I still do the splits? I guess you have to stay tuned to see....🤔

You may see the throwback photo that Coco shared below.

While there were a few negative comments here and there, the majority of comments were positive as people praised Coco for her lean physique. Coco did not continue to leave her fans in suspense and shared an updated photo of herself doing the splits. Since media picked up the story, the new photo has gone viral and people across different social media platforms are weighing in on Coco's curves. Coco is 40-years-old, has been married to Ice-T since 2002, and is the mother of three-year-old Chanel Nicole Marrow.

Coco shared the following caption on her new, updated picture.

"Here's your answer to me still being able to do the splits....
Recently I posted an older modeling pic I did years ago doing the splits and I promised an updated photo ..I tried to remake the same pic during a casual pool day.. what do you think?
#happylaborday (Now go back to the original pic to see what I'm talking about ..its a few photos back)."

What do you think of Coco's latest photos? Are you surprised that they went viral and that she broke the Internet?

Coco Austin is currently filming the movie King Dog with her husband Ice-T. She will play the role of Charlotte. She will also appear in the movie Steal Wheels where she will play a biker sister.

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